Sherry Bennett is the Founder and Managing Director of Bayview Concierge. She has lived through significant trauma and has met adversity with equanimity. Sherry has volunteered at hospices, women’s shelters and funeral homes, assisting countless women and girls during recovery from a personal emergency or traumatic situation. She is a strong advocate for Mental Health First Aid. Her logistics and caregiving expertise inspired Sherry to launch Bayview Concierge in 2012 to make life and living easier for those living with pain, anxiety or symptoms of Post Trauma. Her company organizes nursing care, personal support workers, accompaniment to medical appointments and unique requests as long as they are within the confines of the law. (Bayview Concierge receives referrals from medical and legal professionals, as well as recommendations from clients).

Most recently, the direction of Sherry’s life (and business) changed when several of her clients asked for help to get legal access to medical cannabis. Sherry quickly learned that patients face a constellation of obstacles when trying to access their medicine. So she delved into the research, talked with many cannabis professionals and patients and then decided to try cannabis herself to treat her own symptoms. By drawing heavily on her own research, personal experience, and the anecdotal stories of her clients and trusted advisors, she now guides others through the process of obtaining medical cannabis legally. Guiding clients through the maze (and haze) of issues surrounding the landscape of medical cannabis is one more service that she offers through her company, Bayview Concierge.

In these changing times, her strong belief is that education is crucial. Sherry has found that most people are keen to learn more about this highly stigmatized topic. With the intention of educating the corporate world and the general public, Sherry has gathered a team of subject-matter specialists and created “Let’s Talk Cannabis” a series of presentations and panel discussions.