Bennett, Sherry

Sherry Bennett is the Founder and Managing Director of Bayview Concierge. She has lived through significant trauma and has met adversity with equanimity. Guiding clients through the maze (and haze) of issues surrounding the landscape of medical cannabis is one more service that she offers through her company, Bayview Concierge.

Abraham, Aviva

Aviva B. Abraham has been a group benefits and insurance advisor at Creative Planning Financial Group since 2010. With her background as a CPA from the United States, as well as her extensive experience and training in the industry, her clients can rely on her expertise as they deal with difficult health issues. Aviva works closely with clients to determine the best insurance options for themselves, their businesses and their employees. She is adept at handling specialty cases and stays well-informed of the changes that occur in the healthcare industry.

Bevilacqua, Maria Grazia

Maria is a successful Doctor of Natural Medicine and an award-winning Doctor of Humanitarian Services with the World Organization of Natural Medicine. She is a highly skilled intuitive healer and a profound life coach and is passionate in creating healing foods as a Medicinal Nutrition Chef.  Her own life experience as an owner of four natural health clinics in the GTA, and as a professional network marketer, have helped her evolve into a successful entrepreneur.

Cawfield, Mary

Mary Cawfield is an Age Management Lifestyle Consultant. She has facilitated a lifestyle change for 1000’s of clients in 30 years. She is a customized specialist providing the exact exercise program, nutrition and stress management guidance that works for YOU. All these elements are integral components to optimize vitality and longevity allowing you to LIVE YOUR LIFE to its fullest.

Gan, Hilda

Hilda Gan, the Founder of People Bright Consulting is an Award Winning HR Consultant. Hilda will address the impacts of Cannabis in the Workplace from an understanding of both the Employee and Employer perspective.

Hall, Kevin

Chronic Pain Toronto was founded in November 2012 by Kevin Hall, who serves as Executive Director. Mr. Hall has suffered from chronic pain since 2008 following a hit-and-run accident and has gained a deep appreciation for and knowledge of the debilitating pain and day-to-day challenges faced by those who suffer.
Unable to continue his previous vocation in the financial sector, he initially set out to educate himself regarding options for treatment. What he found was a significant lack of understanding and numerous impediments to access the right physicians for diagnosis and treatment. Since that time Mr. Hall has conferred with hundreds of individuals connected to the world of pain management spanning from other sufferers, their families and friends, medical practitioners, pharmaceutical industry representatives, legal professionals and members of law enforcement.

La Rosa, Silvana

Silvana brings over twenty years of experience to her role as a speaker, trainer and facilitator, with a strong focus in wellness and personal development.

Silvana’s career has included coaching and advising students in the Financial Aid Office at York University, creating two home-based businesses and a Category Manager role for an international exotic produce import company.

Orlov, Steven

Dr. Steven Orlov is the Medical Director of CannaMed Clinic, the first interdisciplinary medical cannabis clinic in York Region. He completed his medical training at the University of Toronto, where he went on to complete his Internal Medicine and Endocrinology residencies. As part of a growing recognition for the medical use of cannabis, he completed the Medical Cannabis Certificate Program accredited by the Canadian Council of Continuing Education in Pharmacy.

Revich, Alex

Alex Revich joined MedReleaf in 2014 which was the beginning of his career in the medical cannabis industry. Alex was present at the outset of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association (CMCIA). Alex has worked with Veterans Affairs Canada on the coverage of cannabis and vaporizers and is a proponent of methods of ingestion other then smoking. He left MedReleaf at start of 2017 and has since focused on cannabis education.