Canadian employers and employees are demanding accurate information and ongoing education as the medical industry and laws unfold. Many employees use cannabis as medicine. Is your workplace ready?
Get the facts and stay ahead of the curve.  Learn how to avoid liability and mitigate the risk of PR nightmares.
Let’s Talk Cannabis™ is a series of presentations and panel discussions created by Bayview Concierge and designed to deliver the current research findings, HR considerations and legal ramifications surrounding Medical Cannabis in the Workplace.

Presented in plain language, subject-matter specialists including medical professionals, group insurance specialists, human resource and legal professionals will provide the latest research findings, legal considerations, and Human Resource advice.

Who Should Attend:

Executives, Business Owners, Senior Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Occupational Health Specialists, Lawyers and decision makers who develop policies and practices related to Cannabis in the Workplace. Canada is leading the way by creating the legislation and regulations. The world is watching.

Join us in the first of the seven-part series of presentations starting in November and bimonthly thereafter.


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Date:     Spring 2018

Time:       1:00 – 4:00  (After Session Networking: Opportunity to speak with Panelist, Attendees & Exhibitors)

Format:      Talks from Specialist and Experts, Panel Presentation and Question and Answer Period

Location:   Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts (10268 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B7)


Alex Revich, Cannabis Educator Alex Revich

  • Teach the fundamentals of cannabis
  • Address the myths, misconceptions, and stigma around Cannabis use.

Dr. Steven Orlov, Medical Director of CannaMed Clinic, the first interdisciplinary medical cannabis clinic in York Region.

  • Overview of medical cannabis in current clinical practice
  • Management of chronic pain using medical cannabis
  • Review the concept of harm reduction and the potential role of cannabis in addressing the opioid crisis.

Hilda Gan, HR Specialist and Workplace Cultural Strategist and President of People Bright Consulting

  • Impacts of Medical Cannabis in the Workplace including Safety, Human Rights, Performance Concerns, Morale, and duty to accommodate
  • Need for employee, employer and manager education

Aviva Abraham, Group Benefits and Insurance Advisor at Creative Planning Financial Group

  • Update on the status on the impacts on Group Benefits and Disability Claims as the legislation evolves both to individuals and employers.

Shaun Bernstein, Employment Lawyer, and legal consultant

  • Importance of drafting good policy soon, before the laws unfold
  • Address some of the legal issues for employees and employers

Keven Hall, Executive Director of Chronic Pain Toronto

  • How to accommodate employees who use cannabis as medicine
  • How to avoid a PR nightmare